Mr Grumpy

I actually have some pyjamas with Mr Grumpy on them. So it comes as some surprise to discover that former local councillor Martin Mullaney (Lib Dem, Moseley & Kings Heath) seems to know something about my nightwear of choice:

Obviously he’s right, the evidence is there on my pyjamas and in my occasional grumpy posts on this blog (entries on Created in Birmingham and on Social Media use by local councils are examples I guess). In general though I do try to produce evidence to legitimise my grumpiness. I’d like to apologise for those occasions when I have failed to do that and just released my grumpiness into the ether, to hang there like a bad smell.

Mullaney had reason to make his accusation because I’d been grumpy about his response to an article on the city council press office website about smoking on TV. It wasn’t so much Mullaney’s protest at the bandwagon-jumping nature of the article that made me grumpy, more his ‘nanny state’ remark in response to it. It’s one of those expressions, like ‘political correctness gone mad’, that’s usually the recourse of someone who has run out of ideas about how to engage in public debate.

I must resist engaging with political types on twitter as it never ends with the non-politician winning. But to a degree I enjoy it; it makes me think a little about what it would be like to enter politics myself…

Anyway, the whole exchange is here:

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