It’s a ship

I walked through the Bull Ring this morning and was disheartened to find out that BiNS wasn’t kidding when he said that this year it’s Ships rather than Beaches in Birmingham. Here’s a first glimpse of the bow:

The Bull Ring site now has some details on it. There’s going to be a Mr. Sexy Legs competition apparently. All I can say is that my kids loved all those beaches in town last year. Wherever they turned there seemed to be another one. Somehow I suspect a cruise ship will hold less appeal. It could be interesting though if there’s more copycatting and it becomes a flotilla.

Update: The beach is back! Hat tip to BiNS yet again. Kids are delighted.

2 thoughts on “It’s a ship

  1. I’ve just had a invite to the ‘VIP’ preview (a full hour before it’s open to the public) . Anchors will be aweigh on the 4th of June.

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