Forever summer on google street view

Google Street View went live today and is tremendous fun. Perhaps the most fun is to be had by zooming in on people in the street and to see the moments that will now be with us until Google decide the time has come to send the camera car out again.

Jon Bounds is asking if there is any ‘odd stuff’ going on but I’m more enamoured by the whole summery feel of the photos and how even in the streets close to my place there are some lovely fleeting moments that will be with us every time someone wants to take a look at Bournville.

Below is a greeting between a couple and a woman that gradually builds to a hug as the google car passses.

And here’s shirtless proof that it really was a hot summer day:

3 thoughts on “Forever summer on google street view

  1. Simply amazing use of technology. I checked out the two houses we lived in the USA – Tucson and Columbus, places I haven’t seen since I was six years old; and a bit cheaper than flying there. Also had a look around Perry Barr where I work. Stunning quality of images.

  2. Did you know they were coming ? I can imagine the next time – people will be having their hair and make-up done and standing out on the street in long lines !

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