Floods, leaks and dodgy bulls

I’d hate to be the kind of blogger who has a bad day then proceeds to tell the world about it – my rubbish day is as nothing compared to the rest of the world’s proper rubbish days. Let alone those for whom every day is pretty rubbish.

But I tell you what – today (so far, its 8pm) has been fairly rubbish. An Ill-advised trip to town from which it took 90 minutes to get home through cancelled trains, stuck buses, and flooded rivers blocking roads. 

Took some phone pics in Bournville after the taxi we’d resorted to couldn’t go any further of which this one is the only nicely dramatic one:

When we got home we found the roof had leaked which is annoying but if you want to see some proper dramatic pics then go take a look at Josh Hart’s pics. He lives near the river Rea in Selly Park which burst its banks. 

However, the most extraordinary sight I saw all day though was the bull statue outside the Bullring in Birmingham. I knew they’d painted in silver (why I don’t know and don’t care) but look up close and it’s possibly the worst paint job known to man. I think it was best left alone….

I hope to finish my rubbish day by watching a rubbish film, Cloverfield. It really couldn’t get any worse could it?


3 thoughts on “Floods, leaks and dodgy bulls

  1. The bull is silver, temporarily, to mark the BullRing’s ([TM] – how I hate that ungrammatical space-devoid construct!) fifth year anniversary.

    Just what they will now do to celebrate their 25th anniversary is beyond me.

  2. It’s bad enough that yesterdays tasks which had to be done were mostly outside tasks – i at least managed to get most of them done during the five minute has in the rain at about half seven (though the most important one – emptying the boat’s toilets – remains undone. Bladder control – i has it).

    But it’s the fact that the ‘nice’ (& simple) inside jobs i’d had lined up for the day remained undone which marks it out for me as a particularly demotivating saturday. Normally the sound of the rain on the roof is quite pleasant & soothing, but yesterday the incessantness of it just made it a prison.

  3. Cloverfield wasn’t that bad (I bought the Bluray). I left the cinema feeling a little shaky due to the post 9/11 rhetoric. Should have taken some travel sick meds prior to viewing though?

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