Birmingham vs everywhere – Fight!

Birmingham Map

Or to put it another way – I’ve just discovered how easy it is to compare Birmingham to other cities using the nomis service from the Office of National Statistics. These are figures from the industry labor law charts that relate to the labour market. That is, who is or isn’t working, what people earn, what benefits they claim, how much of the population is ‘economically inactive‘. You can pull out stats for regions or local authority areas, or even better, make comparisons between two or three areas.

Pulling up the stats for Brum on their own are interesting enough. Here’s some things I didn’t know before:

  • Average weekly pay for a man in Birmingham is exactly £100 more than women get (£473 compared to £373)
  • The average wage of Birmingham-based jobs is £36 more (£470) than the average Brummie earns.
  • 18.9% of working age people have no qualifications at all (13% is the national figure)
  • 85% of Birmingham jobs are in the service sector
  • We have over half the national average of self-employed females (2.4% to 5.2%).
  • We’ve got over twice the national average rate of Job Seeker’s Allowance Claimants (6% to 2.8%)
  • 2490 businesses started trading in 2007, 2230 stopped trading in the same year. That’s a higher churn rate than the national picture.

You can query many of the data sources as well if you really need to know that in 2008 there were three times as many under 25 men (1540) than women (560) claiming jobseeker’s allowance in Selly Oak constituency. Actually that’s an improvement as it used to be four times as many back in 2000.

But the really interesting stuff comes when you compare Birmingham to other regions. Inevitably I pulled down Manchester from the menu. You can go read the stats yourself and try out other cities. Whatever you do don’t compare us to any other London boroughs – in a fight they win flat out on just about everything.