Birmingham Pirate Radio in the 1990s

I’ve been looking through old VHS tapes from my student days and have digitised one a group of us did in 1995 about Pirate Radio in Birmingham. It makes for an interesting historical document partly as it’s about PCRL, Birmingham’s most significant pirate station in the 1980s and 90s but also because it features enough shots of Brum that are no longer there to make it feel ancient already. 

The DJs featured are Rebel D and Pilot. Both get a mention on the PCRL DJ profile page (Rebel D doesn’t seem to have an individual page).

It’s just under 9 mins long:

There’s a couple more Birmingham related VHS tapes I did that I’ll upload at some point.

3 thoughts on “Birmingham Pirate Radio in the 1990s

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  2. Hi Dave

    I came across your work whilst surfing the net, I remember taking part in this production and it was nice to view it again as I did not get a copy of the finished article.

    Good to hear you are still producing material.

    Kind Regards

    Pilot Formerly of P.C.R.L

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