Another walk through Birmingham

This might develop into an occasional series as and when I take it upon myself to use my legs to get me from meeting to meeting rather than use the car or public transport.

This walk is from Jewellery Quarter to Fazeley Studios, Digbeth: 1.9 miles, allow 30 – 40 mins.

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You can track the walk on the map which has some pics I took along the way attached. Here are some additional observations:

  • I actually started the walk from my workplace, B1 building but as it’s opposite the lovely Spring Hill library. I’d recommend the casual walker to begin there. It’s on the number 8 circular route or numbers 82, 87, 88 from the city centre.
  • Be careful where Legge Lane meets Frederick street. There’s no traffic lights and the road is quite busy to cross. Note the blue plaque to Joseph Gillott, pen maker, on the building on the left after you’ve crossed.
  • Don’t go stopping at some city centre Starbucks for a break, try Pickwick’s cafe on Newhall street. Good value sandwiches, soup, jacket potatoes etc. Tell ’em Dave sent you. They won’t have a clue what you’re on about but if enough of you do it it’ll get them thinking.
  • After you go through St Philip’s Cathedral you’ll find yourself on Upper Bull street. Pop into Tempest records. Take time to browse and purchase a record or two. Are they and Swordfish Records on Upper Temple street the only independent record shops left in Birmingham city centre? Are there any other ‘Upper’ streets left in Birmingham on which one could open another?
  • After the scruffy area behind the shops it opens out to the under-development Masshouse area but look to your right to see St Michael’s Church. Services in Polish every Sunday.
  • As I’ve said to many people, Fazeley street is a far more preferable way to get to Digbeth. I like it in its current under-developed state. I’m not sure that the Warwick Bar proposals will ever see the light of day now will they?
  • Even if Fazeley studios isn’t your final destination do peek inside – they won’t mind (tell ’em Dave sent you….). It’s a lovely reception area and even better when you’re there to meet Pete Ashton who’s already got the kettle on.

My journey ended here but for the return route you could get on to the canal or return via Digbeth High street and the city centre. I’ll keep the routes coming as and when I have reason to walk them.

9 thoughts on “Another walk through Birmingham

  1. I like the idea of a trail guide series; “Where I’ve Walked” type of thing. Yeah, Google Maps can show you how to get from A to B but this; this gives people points of interest too – added value and a bit of local knowledge. Nice.

    Still, it makes me think we need a sign at ours – you would’ve walked right past our office on Legge Lane. You could’ve popped in for a cuppa!

  2. You’re on Legge Lane? I had no idea. Now a walk through Brum where I scrounge a cuppa from every Creative Industries type along the way – that’s a great idea.

  3. Walking tour of Birmingham.. what an idea. For those that need the exercise but want to see a few sights as well.

    I went travelling a few years back and there were no end of “walking tours” on offer wherever you went. The roads were full of signposts or boards with suggested walks.. weird that there arent more in Brum.. would give new comers an eco-friendly way of seeing the world..

    Might give it a go and let you know my thoughts!

  4. Confession…. I havent quite given the tour a go yet… but I will do soon.

    Have you come up with any more yet?

    Or maybe a running track for the amateur runner (aka. can’t run at all but wants to see Brum and trim the waist line!)

  5. I do have another walking route in mind – will add it when I have time.

    I can add short running routes if you think that’s a good idea? Rea Valley route in south Brum or canal routes – something like that?

  6. Definitely – especially with the Race for Life coming up. Us girls will be looking for some good tracks – bare in mind we’re beginners!

  7. I hadn’t read this when I walked part of the same route from B1 building to the Old Contemptibles for Brumbloggers last week. It was a lovely evening and although I’m not a great walker I enjoyed myself.

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