Going Green presentation

On Saturday I presented my experience of being part of the Act on CO2 People Power campaign to a group of web development types who meet under the Multipack banner. The group have been meeting for about three years I think but recently have combined their informal meetings with a ‘Multipack Presents’ element. This month’s was called Going Green and I volunteered to talk about my experiences using a smart electricity meter and about what it felt like to be part of a PR campaign.

It was a fun hour with a nice bunch of people. They have beer and food! It was hosted at the rather nice studios of One Black Bear in Fazeley Studios.

My slides are below but if you need to hear what I was blabbing on about there’s a video also (bit dark though).

3 thoughts on “Going Green presentation

  1. How often do the groups meet? Are you all still the originial members when the campaign began?

    Lots of questions I know, its extremely admirable you’ve taken part in the campaign for THREE years! Impressive.

    Are you, or any of your group, planning to pariticipate in the Environment Day next Friday?

  2. I think you’re getting confused Georgie. I haven’t taken part in any campaign for 3 years. The Multipack group of web developers have been meeting that long and talk about a wide range of topics related to the web. It was only this one that looked at green stuff.

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