About Dave

Here are some things you might find useful to know about me:

  • I live in Birmingham, UK and have done since the year I was born except for about three years in London and Surrey that were generally rubbish. Remind me never to go back.
  • I waited two years but eventually I got an allotment.
  • I enjoy growing stuff. It’s complicated though, more than I thought it would be. It turns out potatoes don’t grow on trees, who’d have thought.
  • The thoughts you read on this blog have come from my head. I use the same head for work as I do for home. I only have one head.
  • The stuff I write may not represent the organisation(s) I work for but then again it might. Life’s a bit more complex than that.
  • I know the square root of 83 off by heart.
  • Never start me on a conversation about running, trains or now-closed cinemas in Birmingham unless you have time on your hands.
  • I’m contactable on dave [at] daveharte.com

2 thoughts on “About Dave

  1. Hi Dave. Members of the Birmingham History Forum have been looking at the background of Phyllis Nicklin, Geography Staff Tutor Birmingham University until 1969. As you know she produced all those wonderful images of Birmingham. The recently released NicklinUnseen images have kindled our interest in finding out more about her. I notice you had a comment from a Roy Nicklin on your page about Phyllis’s work. Do you know if he ever found out if he was related to Phyllis? Kind regards Viv Walker

  2. Dear Mr Harte,
    I used to work at the Electric Cinema from 1998 to 2003. When I was working there, Steven Metcalf and Dave Hutchison were there. After it shut down in about 2003, I lost touch with both of them. Do you have any idea what happened to them? Thanks for your help.

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