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London Marathon 2011 – training and stuff

Not done a running update on here for a while so here goes. Having skipped a year last year I’m now training for another go at the London Marathon on April 17th 2011. Here’s some info:

I keep a spreadhseet of my training, I’m that sad. This year I’m trying to be a bit stricter with myself and commit to run 6 days a week. The plan is as follows:

  • Mondays – 10 miles race pace
  • Tuesday – easy run from work (about 8 miles)
  • Wednesday – easy run to work
  • Thursday – hills or speed training
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – long run, sometimes with a Parkrun in the middle of it
  • Sundays – slow 4 – 6 miles

Overall this will take me to about 50-60 miles a week maximum once I’m at full stretch with the long runs. The run to/from work is going well. I found where the showers are at work and have a locker so can sneak in lunchtime runs if I want.

I don’t want your money. Really, no thanks. You gave before and were generous, let’s skip a year. However, my Brother-in-law Steve is looking for donations for a very worthy cause so if you were thinking of sponsoring me then please put the money his way instead – tell him Dave sent you.

Digital stuff
Other than the spreadsheet, I track my runs via a GPS enabled watch (Garmin Forerunner 405) which then feeds a twitter account @daveharteruns. A link to the data gets tweeted every time I upload a run or you can subscribe to an RSS feed of the runs.

As usual I shall be eating more chips.


I’ve been a bit hampered by an aching buttock/hip for about 18 months so it was with some relief that just before Christmas I finally had a name put to it. According to my physio I have Piriformis Syndrome. To alleviate it I do some focused stretching and at the distances I’m running right now it’s an annoying niggle and no more. When I get into the 20 mile long runs that may not be the case; we’ll see.

Other running blogs I’m reading at the moment.

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